Laurie Bower

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Laurie Bower's talent and passion for all things voice-related comes from years working as a  professional voiceover specialist, narrator, actress, singer, radio ad and musical image producer and DJ.  Her numerous character voices and vocal styles come from a lifetime of observing and listening to the many characters she has seen and met, along with training and performance in theatre and film. She has performed professionally as an actress, storyteller, singer, musician and poet.

Laurie was born in Atlanta, but moved up to Connecticut at age two, "before I learned how to talk right!". Eventually, she moved to the mountains of Colorado, then later down to the "Land of Enchantment", where she currently resides in her "tiny" homestead.

Voiceover/Narration Samples

Poetry and Short Stories

This poem was inspired by an evening walk behind my home in the fall of 2016

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A short, humorous story about one of my favorite comedians; Philo Rockwell King III.

A "rap" bout our current state of affairs


  • New Mexico, United States