How My Brain Works

Written by a neuropsychologist, this book provides and overview of neuropsychological evaluation, and various ways to promote healthy brain function. An International Independent Book Seller Silver Medal Award 2021

Strawberry Roan: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hermit's Peak

A triumphant and dramatic life story, laced with lovely descriptions of ranch life and the backwoods beauty of northern New Mexico

Shine: When Chasing Sacred Spaces Goes Dark

A treasure map to finding your unique best self outside the margins of what everyone says you should be, this quick-read assist helps you create a doable daily ritual that fits perfectly with your unique yourself. Conceived and born during The Covid Season of 2020, SHINE helps you find your balance and keep it. The soothing lyrical style meets you where you are and encourages you to find your bliss no matter what is happening around you. While SHINE does not shy away from hard topics like suicide and mental illness, this book “bubbles with joy” and “flows like a face-to-face conversation with a best friend over a cup of tea.” After reading it, you just feel shinier, want to send a copy to all your friends, and have a solid blueprint to go help the world shine brighter because of it.

Overturned Bucket

Memoir written by Rose Spader and narrated by Laurie Bower. Chronicles the lives of several generations of women and the culture of Northern New Mexico.

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Banged Up Heart

Memoir by Shirley Melis of love, loss and triumph Narrated by Laurie Bower

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The Fog of Faith

Memoir written by Leona Stucky, narrated by Laurie Bower

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Reaction Revolution

Memoir written by Yogi, Madi Rose Fuhrman Narrated by Laurie Bower

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Eli Cutter: Winter

Murder Mystery set in the Taos/ Santa Fe area Written by Craig Dirgo, former co-writer with Clive Cussler Narrated by Laurie Bower

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Fit for Joy

Memoir and motivational health and fitness book Written by Valeria Teles Narrated by Laurie Bower

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Spiritual Hindu Tales to Calm Your Mind

A delightful collection of short stories Written by Alberto Parra Narrated by Laurie Bower

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Nuggets of Wisdom

Inspirational memoir/self help Written by Christine Chin-Sim, Ph.D Narrated by Laurie Bower

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The One Meal a Day Diet

A diet plan for nutrition and weight loss

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